Join us during National Bike Travel Weekend, June 3–5, 2016 and experience the joy of bicycle travel along with thousands of other cyclists in North America on the same weekend!  It's all part of Adventure Cycling's 40th Anniversary being celebrated nationwide ... and you are invited to take part.

We will be departing our Willoughby Hills store on Friday, June 3rd at 6:00pm sharp.  Our route will take us north to Adventure Cycling's Northern Tier route, then eastward to a lakeside camping spot complete with showers, fire rings, and plenty of space for us.  Be prepared for approximately 30 miles.

Saturday we will wander the backroads of Ohio's wine country on a meandering 50 mile adventure.  The focus will be on riding and enjoying each other's company, and we will find a interesting spot for a lunchtime break.  We will finish the day's ride at DeBonne Vineyards, where they have graciously agreed to allow us to camp on site!  They are open until 8pm, so we should have plenty of time to feed hungry bellies and make purchases for the evening.

Sunday will bring us back to where we began, along a route to and through the beautiful parks on Clevelands far east side.  That's a nice way of saying hilly :)

Fast Facts:

Description: A 2 night unsupported bicycle camping trip AKA bikepacking.

Experience/Fitness Level: Moderate to Advanced.

Distance: 30/50/30 planned but may vary.  Be flexible.

Cost: No fee for the ride, but the camp spot Friday night is $10 cash per tent or hammock space, and all food purchases for the weekend are the responsibilty of each rider.

SAG?  No.  Bring everything you need for an unsupported camping trip.  Eddy's staff members will be along for the ride, and we will of course be happy to help with any technical issues that may come up along the miles.

RSVP?  Yes.  We are limited to about 20 riders - so we need to know if you're committed to coming.  Simply email and we will get you on the 'go' list.

Update 5/10/2016: 6 Spots have opened due to cancellations.

Update 4/19/2016:  We’re about 7 weeks out – and I wanted to touch base with everyone to make sure we’re all on the same page in terms of what to expect.  The ride is currently full with a waiting list.

This is a self -supported ride encompassing over 130 miles over 3 days.  Everyone pays as they go for the items they need.  You need to be able to carry everything that you need to camp, wear, and live for 3 days on your bike.  The campground on Friday night will have showers and restrooms like a traditional campground.  The fee there is $10 per tent. The vineyard on Saturday night will leave a restroom open for us.  No fee for camping.

The 30 or so miles on Friday will be a hustle, as we are leaving at 6 and need to get to the campground before dark so everyone can get situated.  As of today, I would bring something with you for dinner that night, and for breakfast the following morning.  If another fun option comes up, we may alter this.

Saturday will be around 50 miles, but be flexible.  We will find a fun lunch spot along the way, and DeBonne Vineyards will be open until 8 for food and refreshment needs.  It may be a good idea to pick up some items on Saturday to eat for breakfast on Sunday morning.

This ride is designed for intermediate to advanced riders with some bike camping experience.  If this will be be your first venture like this – please – test out your gear and packing strategy in the coming weeks to be better prepared.  Perhaps even swing your own 1-nighter in order to get a feel for how it all comes together.

Thanks for joining in!  If you have any questions - please email for answers.