While the fun might start where the road ends, you still need a bike that’ll get you there—one bike that shreds gravel and dirt and crushes through road miles with equal expertise. Sure, some have tried to make their ‘cross bikes more "road-capable" (whatever that means), and others have made their road bikes more "adventure-ready," but Specialized created one bike that makes no compromises between the two. Get acquainted with the all-new Diverge.

The Diverge is now more capable than ever, with clearance for up to either 700x42mm or 650bx47mm tires, frame weights that can dip below 900 grams (see S-Works), and a Future Shock that's geared specifically to riding smoothly over harsh terrain. It's also moved away from a traditional ‘cross geometry, instead opting for a new Open Road Geometry.

 Future Shock w/ Progressive Spring

Specially tuned with a stiffer spring rate for rough roads, this Future Shock gives you the feeling of floating over harsh terrain and of being glued to the tarmac on windy descents.

 All-New Geometry

Open Road Geometry crushes both dirt and road with confidence, featuring a lower BB, slacker head tube, and shorter chainstays.

 Ready for Anything

With clearance for up to 700x42mm or 650bx47mm tires, Plug + Play fender mounts, rack mounts, and SWAT™ / dropper post compatibility, the only thing limiting your ride is your imagination.

Future Shock

Let Eddy's introduce the off-road version of Specialized Future Shock. It not only soaks up bumps with ease, but it also adds the benefit of extremely predictable handling. That's because the wheelbase isn’t lengthening when you hit a bump, so the front end of the Diverge keeps the same effective head tube angle. In other words, when you dive hard into a turn, you won’t be surprised by under steer or sloppy handling. Unlike the Future Shock found on the Roubaix, this version features a Progressive Spring that makes it more suitable for off-road applications, where stiffer suspension is often needed to soak-up larger bumps and obstacles.


You can think of it as a road version of modern trail bike geometry. It provides playful handling and predictable steering for endless dirt skids and mid-corner drifts. The geometry features a bottom bracket that's over a half-centimeter lower than the previous Diverge, too. Specialized also slacked-out the head tube angle, shortened the chainstays, and made a shorter wheelbase. So now, these changes make a bike that performs equally well over both the dirt and road.

The Diverge doesn't fit neatly into one box. First and foremost it's fun and always down for a good time. Of course, all of the aforementioned features make it pretty versatile, whether you're out for a fast ride with the gang or solo epic on the dirt with fully loaded frame bags.

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